Thursday, November 3, 2011

Abe and the Three Anti-Catholic Tenors

Showing time and time again that he is an anti-Catholic bigot, Abraham H. Foxman and his half dozen supporters at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) used their stock-in-trade name-calling to blast Patrick J. Buchanan and his New York Times Best Seller, Suicide of a Superpower in a news release yesterday.

Foxman, who appears to show enormous personal hatred and bigotry against Buchanan, was baptized into Catholicism by a nanny during the Holocaust.   He returned to the Jewish faith and his parents near the end of the war.

Maybe having a chip on his shoulder or enormous envy, Foxman has been obsessed for over a decade with Buchanan, a practicing Catholic who, unlike Foxman,  once served as a Senior Advisor to three U.S. Presidents.

For decades now, Foxman  and his cronies have repeatedly denounced and demonized the Catholic Church in bigoted tirades.

We were expecting the "three tenors" to all be singing the same name-calling, anti-Catholic Opera. Thus, we weren't surprised by Foxman's high-pitched news release.

Next it will be countertenor Rabbi Marvin Hier.

Unfortunately,  the final tenor, Irv Rubin, won't be joining the show --- he jumped to his death and committed suicide in 2002 like a distraught mezzo-soprano.

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