Monday, November 7, 2011

Rejection of Christian Roots

The blog God Discussion reports:

According to Pat Buchanan, conservative commentator and former GOP presidential candidate, America is steadily declining because of its "steady rejection of its Christian roots" and the declining faith in churches.  He sat down with the American Family Association's Brian Fischer to promote his book, Suicide of a Super Power. Buchanan says that religion is the source of all morality and the source of all ethics and that when religion goes, the culture goes, the civilization goes, and finally the people begin to die. Citing the Supreme Court's rejection of a case about the erection of crosses on Utah's highways and criticizing President Obama, Fischer claimed that efforts to purge the mention of God in the public square are happening daily.  "Well, it's the de-Christianization of America," Buchanan opined.  "If the faith,  Christianity, gave birth to our civilization and you reject it, again, the civilization will die and the people will die."

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