Wednesday, November 9, 2011

HuffPo's Calderone: A Lazy and Sloppy Journalist

Yesterday's post by Michael Calderone on The Huffington Post website was erroneous. Feeding right from the bosom of left-wing bigots and not checking his facts before the story posted, Calderone proved he is a lazy journalist. Calderone, who wrongly wrote that Patrick J. Buchanan hadn't been on MSNBC since his best seller Suicide of a Superpower had been launched, was forced to post a correction.

Worse is Calderone's sloppy but revealing Tweets.

When his story first posted, Calderone tweeted, "MSNBC's kept Pat Buchanan off air since controversial book dropped -- some groups hope for good."

With Calderone acknowledging that MSNBC declined to comment on his story, how can he declare MSNBC "kept Pat Buchanan off air" when the facts prove otherwise? And what "groups" are these? Media Matters, Anti-Catholic bigot Abe Foxman, and the eight-known-members of Color of Change. Not a winning coalition to say the least, but a hodge podge of self-promoting, name-calling leftists.

After his editors slapped his hand for making a grave error and then posting a correction, Calderone tweeted, "Correction: Pat Buchanan’s made one appearance on MSNBC since book published -- not since COC campaign."

So now Calderone alleges that Buchanan hasn't been on because of the Color of Change campaign? How about hasn't been on since the Herman Cain sexual harassment scandal broke or hasn't been on since Kim Kardashian (pictured) ended her 72 day marriage?

What leaps of judgement with no sources. With so many spokespersons and others being fired for twittering their inappropriate opinions, Calderone proves he is an idiot stooge of the left, and a lazy and sloppy journalist.

The facts are Buchanan has a wonderful relationship with his employer MSNBC and he currently is "off the reservation" promoting his book.  The left is trying to find deeper meaning in all this is like convincing yourself that you're eating a Rib Eye steak dinner by meditating on a piece of beef jerky for an hour beforehand.

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