Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Left-Wing Conspiracies, MSNBC, and Buchanan

If it wasn't bad enough with the orchestrated name-calling by left-wing groups, liberal conspiracy theorists are now claiming Patrick J. Buchanan is MIA on MSNBC since the launch of his New York Times Best Seller, Suicide of a Superpower.

Michael Calderone (pictured) of the liberal blog site The Huffington Post was forced to correct his story today after alleging that Buchanan hadn't been on MSNBC since October 15th.

If Calderone had done his homework, he'd had listened to the Imus in the Morning Show simulcasted on the Fox Business Network on October 18th:
Imus: "When you have a book, they [MSNBC] let you appear with me? or..." Buchanan: "When I have a book...I say they [MSNBC] say you can wander off the reservation, go to various places, as long as you come back."
But the left isn't satisfied and seems to be drooling over nothing. And what Calderone really failed to emphasize was Buchanan's positive relationship with MSNBC. He only mentioned it in passing:
While discussing Buchanan's new book on GBTV, [Glenn] Beck suggested that Buchanan could be completely open on his show. "It's OK, I know you work at MSNBC. I know the lion's cage you have to go into," Beck said, grabbing Buchanan's hand and mock consoling him. "You don't have to even mention you were here. It's OK." "What you don't understand is that I'm like a Jesuit missionary to the Iroquois over there," Buchanan said, chuckling. "No, that's my home network, and I enjoy working over there." Beck broke out again in laughter. "I believed him," he said. "I believed him."(Emphasis added)
Unfortunately for the lefties filled with hate and bigotry, and whose outlandish antics and name-calling only helped boost sales, Patrick J. Buchanan will be coming back to the reservation, MSNBC, with yet another best seller under his belt.

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