Friday, October 28, 2011

Astute Diagnosis of America’s Problems

Forrmer Congressman Virgil Goode (R-VA) has written a very positive review of Patrick J. Buchanan's national best seller Suicide of a Superpower published on The Daily Caller website.  Goode writes:
For the last two decades, Pat Buchanan has warned that America is on the edge of ruin due to our irrational immigration, economic and foreign policies. As events have proven Buchanan right, Americans have become more receptive to his brand of conservatism, which he lays out in his new book Suicide of a Superpower. 
On the issue of trade, just last week only a handful of Republicans voted against three sovereignty-sacrificing trade deals supported by the Obama administration. Buchanan, in contrast, makes a strong case that the $6.2 trillion trade deficit America ran in the past decade has ruined this country’s manufacturing base.
While Buchanan paints a very bleak portrait of America, he offers very clear solutions to get us back on the right track....While I might quibble with a few points, Buchanan offers an astute diagnosis of America’s problems and gives constructive suggestions to put us back on track.

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