Thursday, October 27, 2011

Do Ask, Do Tell

Of all the loony left-wing and kooky right-wing bloggers, our hats off to Gay Rights blogger David Badash who wrote:

"And now, the Buchanan team has decided that they can make far more money pushing his book as a victimization vehicle than on the basis of its merits alone. So now the Buchanan book’s blog has decided to post stories of the Left attacking Buchanan for his 18th century views."

Actually David, we think the book can make far more money both ways: on its merits and on the attacks. We appreciate any publicity the left or right create for the book.

Our blog has had more hits in the past 24 hours than ever before as people hear about us through sensational blog postings or political attacks.

So David, do ask, do tell your friends about Suicide of a Superpower.

Read Badash's post here.

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