Monday, October 17, 2011

From Canada: "Most Honest" Commentaries on the West

Michael Coren, a well-known Canadian journalist and host of The Arena on Canada's Sun News Network interviewed Pat Buchanan tonight about his new book to be released tomorrow and wrote the following review:

"[Pat Buchanan's] latest book - Suicide of a Superpower - is one of the most honest, and worrying, commentaries on the West in many years. 'The transformation has been dramatic and unique in our history,' [Buchanan] says, 'and the reason America has and will lose its greatness is that we are no longer unified. Anybody can become a good American, coming from anywhere in the world. But whereas in the past we asked them to become American, now we encourage America to become like them.' No pause, but straight into the argument. 'We've given away what made us one. Faith, symbols of unity, the European, overwhelmingly Christian heritage of the majority who were and made the country. People could be who and what they liked, but they had to know what the national core values and identity were. No longer.'"

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