Thursday, October 20, 2011

Left-Wing Gone Wild

48 hours out, soaring sales, and a blazing media tour, Patrick J. Buchanan's hot new book Suicide of a Superpower has earned the scorn of left-wing groups ---generating publicity and boosting sales.

Media Matters has dedicated five lengthy post in less than a week to personally attack Buchanan and Suicide of a Superpower. Even Buchanan's supportive comments about immigrants were viciously distorted by a writer for Media Matters who appears to be a bigot. She seems to view all immigrants, legal and illegal, as being non-white.  Worse, another Media Matters bigot-blogger disingenuously inserted the word "segregation" in relationship to Black Americans to provoke hate and distort Buchanan's words. then piled on (as we noted last night) when Editor-in-Chief Joan Walsh foolishly declared Buchanan had lost the culture war. One of her lackeys, Peter Finocchiaro (pictured) then posted over a half dozen audio excerpts from the audio book version of Suicide of a Superpower, showing an "ignorant moment" of the left-wing: when it comes to books, any publicity is good publicity.

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