Friday, October 28, 2011

Tea Party for Buchanan

Jillian Rayfield, news intern-turned-blogger at Talking Points Memo (TPM),  wrote yesterday about how the Tea Party Nation's founder is rallying around Patrick J. Buchanan.  Buchanan's new book, Suicide of a Superpower,  made Publishers Weekly's National Best Sellers list yesterday.

Rayfield blogged:
Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips(pictured) defended Pat Buchanan against charges of racism by African-American civil rights group Color of Change, arguing that “the racist in this story is the group, the Color of Change.” Phillips, in a blog post on Tuesday, wrote that “despite my opinions of Pat Buchanan, he is clearly a man of accomplishment who does very intelligently express the sentiments of parts of the conservative movement. It is no shock that the left is going after him.” “Let’s be blunt,” he added, “the racist in this story is the group, the Color of Change. They are a very anti-American, far left group.” These “left wing racist nuts,” Phillips said, are “a danger to America and to freedom.”
Although earlier this week Rayfield looked more like an intern than a journalist with a horribly slanted and inflammatory post against Buchanan's national best seller Suicide of a Superpower, she seems to have redeemed herself with a more balanced story.

Studying at Cornell wasn't a waste after all.

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